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87. Season 3 FINALE

87. Season 3 FINALE

March 9, 2022

Wrapping up season 3 is a fun way to revisit some of Heather and Ashley’s favorite moments of the latest season.  Join us as we talk about our “shoulder angel” moments and about what’s up and coming for the both of us! 

Thanks for another great season! 

86. Seasons with Heather and Ashley

86. Seasons with Heather and Ashley

March 3, 2022

You're either a Bad Ass Boss Babe or you're a Hot Mess.  What if I don't want to be either or want the leniency to be both?  Truth is, life is not so black and white, so either-or.  There are times and seasons for everything and we have the ability to fail, succeed, and everything in between.  

Today on the Hom Bod Podcast Heather and Ashley talk about some of the either/or mistakes we make in our homes and with our bodies and some of the ways we can avoid it.  Take the pressure off and be yourself... in your own season.

85. Go BIG! with Micha Goebig

85. Go BIG! with Micha Goebig

February 2, 2022

Heather and Ashley had a wonderful conversation with Micha Goebig of GO BIG COACHING about how we, as women, can get out of our own way to be able to break through the glass ceiling of our careers!  

As the founder & CEO of GO BIG COACHING, confidence & leadership coach Micha Goebig helps high-achieving women become confident leaders in male-dominated spheres. To gain the confidence and visibility to take their careers to the next level (and beyond!), she guides her clients through unlearning what holds them back and through her 5-step framework to 10X their confidence at work. Her signature Unlearn Series of talks and workshops focuses on going beyond negative self-talk,  impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-sabotage, and people-pleasing.

Micha is a certified coach, speaker, and published author. Before training as a coach, she founded (and still owns) a boutique agency – GO BIG COMMUNICATIONS – that specializes in corporate communications for the German luxury car industry. With 20 years of experience as a communications expert and entrepreneur, she follows a German-style coaching approach: efficient, pragmatic, solution-driven, direct. 

Please connect with Micha at: 






84. A Happy Brain with Heather and Ashley

84. A Happy Brain with Heather and Ashley

January 27, 2022

"Are you feeling sad or depressed?  Just go for a run and you'll feel better."  Have you heard that before?  Or something similar?  We try to make our brains happy and exercise is a good way to make that happen.  But what if it doesn't work?

Neuroscience actually says taking care of our physical bodies in order to make our brain happy only accounts for 25% of our brains ability to be happy.  Dr. Daniel Amen (and many others in the field of neuroscience) talk about 4 quadrants of our brain that need to be addressed when discussing happiness or depression:  biological, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Heather and Ashley discuss the links between each quadrant and how eating, exercise, and living in a tidy house can help all of us be happier people.


Heather references "The Paleo Thyroid Solution" by Elle Russ.

83. Emotional Eating - Reprise - with Pam Arnold

83. Emotional Eating - Reprise - with Pam Arnold

January 19, 2022

In the spirit of the new year and new goals and plans, we wanted to re-air one of our most popular episodes on the HomBod Podcast. 

Pam Arnold knows from personal experience the very real problem and health risks of over eating and emotional eating.  She was able to get herself out of this trap and now coaches others to do the same!  

Heather and Ashley jump in deep into the causes, triggers and affects of emotional eating and how we recognize it in ourselves.  Pam has some powerful steps to take to overcome emotional eating and keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally.  

Find Pam on Instagram @PamellaArnoldCoaching

and on her website PamellaArnold.com


82. Taking the Next Step with Kayla Moline

82. Taking the Next Step with Kayla Moline

January 12, 2022

Kayla Moline is the "coaches coach," helping her clients match their goals with their bank account by clearing out bad energies holding us back.  Let's talk with Kayla today about blame, regret, and resentment and how we can spring ourselves forward into a happy home, head and health!  

Find Kayla online at KaylaMoline.com 

Follow her podcast "Let's Finish This"

81. Goals Aren’t Enough with Heather and Ashley

81. Goals Aren’t Enough with Heather and Ashley

January 5, 2022

By the time we get to February, upwards of 80% of everyone will have failed in their new years resolutions.  We already talked about how setting resolutions doesn't seem to be enough.  But in all honesty, setting a goal isn't really enough either.  

Today Heather and Ashley are talking about the difference between being resolute, having a goal, and making a plan.  Join the conversation and share it with someone else!  

Want the planner Heather has ready for you?!  Follow this link and happy planning!



80. A Resolution-less New Year with Heather and Ashley

80. A Resolution-less New Year with Heather and Ashley

December 29, 2021

It's that time of year again....  where everyone makes a new year resolution to get healthy and in shape.  Where everyone makes a new year resolution to get organized.  

We are here to tell you to STOP!  We don't believe in New Years Resolutions because we have found better ways to achieve what we want!  Goal setting, ok.  Visualization, optimal!  Knowing how you want things to feel, great.  Reverse engineering your dreams, awesome!  

There are more ways than one to get to where you want to go... try a new path to get  you there faster!  WithOUT resolutions!  

79. Enjoy It!  With Heather and Ashley

79. Enjoy It! With Heather and Ashley

December 22, 2021

Christmas is now only a few days away and we want you to enjoy every second of it!  For as much as we like to stay in control and keep everything in check, there is a chance that we will fall off the wagon with our eating and make a disaster of our house.  And it’s ok!!!  

It’s ok to eat the dessert, to leave toys on the living room floor, to not wipe off the table, to stop your food tracking app…  because sometimes we get to live a little and not worry about perfection.  Of course we want to get back on track.  And we want to do it guild free!  

Heather and Ashley talk about how to keep a realistic outlook on the holidays, share some of their personal holiday stories, and simply say:  enjoy it!  Merry Christmas everyone! 

78. No Justification Needed with Heather and Ashley

78. No Justification Needed with Heather and Ashley

December 15, 2021

"But I should be able to do it on my own" is perhaps the main sentence that holds us back from so much progress!  When a pipe is broken we call a plumber, we take our car to a shop when we need an oil change, we go to a salon for a hair cut... we seek out the professional.  Could we do it on our own?  Maybe, but not as well as the expert can. 

This week, Heather and Ashley talk about the shame that comes from the "should" statement and how experts can help us get to where we want to be with our home, head and health.

If you're scrambling for last minute gifts this Christmas season, give the gifts of time and success by gifting a coach, a mentor, a professional of whatever expert service you need!  

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