Hōm Bod

84. A Happy Brain with Heather and Ashley

January 27, 2022

"Are you feeling sad or depressed?  Just go for a run and you'll feel better."  Have you heard that before?  Or something similar?  We try to make our brains happy and exercise is a good way to make that happen.  But what if it doesn't work?

Neuroscience actually says taking care of our physical bodies in order to make our brain happy only accounts for 25% of our brains ability to be happy.  Dr. Daniel Amen (and many others in the field of neuroscience) talk about 4 quadrants of our brain that need to be addressed when discussing happiness or depression:  biological, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Heather and Ashley discuss the links between each quadrant and how eating, exercise, and living in a tidy house can help all of us be happier people.


Heather references "The Paleo Thyroid Solution" by Elle Russ.

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