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77. Take it Personally with Heather and Ashley

77. Take it Personally with Heather and Ashley

December 8, 2021

We all know marketing is getting worse and worse around the holidays but it's at an all time high this year with advertisers marketing how "stuff" will make or break your holiday.....  Heather and Ashley beg to differ!  

The stuff, food, decorations, etc., we have around us this year must be personalized to our likes and our traditions, absolutely!  But we also challenge you to "take it personally" and make what is special about this Christmas season all about YOU - not about what other people want you to make it.  

Join Heather and Ashley as we talk about making this holiday about relationships, not about expectations.  

76. Brain Chunking with Heather and Ashley

76. Brain Chunking with Heather and Ashley

December 1, 2021

Do you remember what it was like to learn how to drive?  All 36 really stressful steps that freaked you out?  How do you feel about driving now?  It's just not a big deal at all!  You "brain chunked!"  

Join Heather and Ashley as we talk about a great way to bundle a whole bunch of steps into one action.  This can be used to identify a break in the system... any system... eating healthier, staying organized, increasing productivity at work, making sure everything gets done that is needed consistently.  

In other words - it's a great way to make your home, head, and health HAPPY!

75. Financially Fierce Females with Dominique Mullally

75. Financially Fierce Females with Dominique Mullally

November 24, 2021

Dominique Mullally is a Business & Wealth Strategist and Consultant and founder of Financially Fierce Females and helps women in business create consistent cashflow, maximize profits, build business for scale and personal wealth and create financial independence in 7 years or less using proven strategies. 

Dominique takes the fear and overwhelm out of understanding their numbers so they can confidently make, manage and multiply their money and build wealth. 

She uses her expertise in Financial Advising, NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy combined with her own experience of creating Financial Independence for herself, to empower women with the mindset and strategies of how to use business and other income producing assets as wealth creation vehicles to multiply income and profits to create time, emotional and financial freedom. 

Follow Dominique on 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dominiquemullally

FB Page: www.facebook.com/dominiquemullally1/

Visit her website: www.dominiquemullally.com

For FREE resources: www.dominiquemullally.com/resources

74. Temptation to Quit with Heather and Ashley

74. Temptation to Quit with Heather and Ashley

November 17, 2021

There have probably been times when you or someone you know has been sooooo close to the end, and we give up right before we get there!  The temptation to quit is strong when we’re in the middle of the messiest part of the mess.  And that is when we need the most grit, the most support, and the most self-discipline to see it through.  Heather and Ashley are here to say - just keep going!!!

73. Aligning Values with Lindsay White

73. Aligning Values with Lindsay White

November 10, 2021

Lindsay White is our guest today and is a sought-after leadership coach and people-strategist who believes that every business, no matter how small, deserves three things

1. great leadership,

2. an impactful people strategy,

3. and a culture that inspires.

First, and foremost, Lindsay is passionate about guiding female entrepreneurs in creating the work & life blend they long for, and a leadership brand that is authentic and grounded in their own values and purpose. Her powerful coaching style leverages her extensive background coaching senior leaders and executives, empowering small business CEOs as they develop and embrace their personal leadership practice.

Lindsay also utilizes her 15 years in strategic talent management to guide these incredible leaders in creating culture and developing the people strategy that is often missing from their business plans. Knowing when amazing teams are connected by purpose, programs and processes that add value, they create amazing results.

We are excited to talk to her about the work/life blend while we focus on people strategy, team engagement, and leadership development.


Find Lindsay online at  https://www.highvoltageleadership.ca Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/highvoltageleadership Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/highvoltleadership/ LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-white-high-voltage/

72. Uplifting Women with Alaina Rupe

72. Uplifting Women with Alaina Rupe

November 3, 2021

Alaina Rupe, the Co-Founder of Begin Rich and Founder of the Boss Babe Association joins us today on the HomBod Podcast! Alaina is a busy mama of two beautiful little girls, runs two businesses, and volunteers 30 hours a week to coach the West High School Drill and Dance Team. With a very busy "go-go-go" schedule, she has had to learn how to effectively manage her time to avoid overwhelm. She's a business and productivity coach and will be sharing a small snippit of her Masterclass, the "Unapologetically Ambitious Guide to Sharing Your Brilliance," as we discuss how to avoid overwhelm and love your BALANCED life. Afterall, we are here to enjoy this beautiful life with a happy Home, Head, and Health!  

Find Alaina at BeginRich.com for all entrepreneurs and click the link for the FB group for free training!  

BossBabeAssociation.com for female entrepreneurs

or on social media @ BossBabe_Association

71. Eat the Chocolate! with Heather and Ashley

71. Eat the Chocolate! with Heather and Ashley

October 30, 2021

In the spirit of Halloween, we offer advice to our HomBod listeners... Eat the Chocolate!!!  But before you binge on all the extra sugar floating around, take a listen to some unconventional advice Heather and Ashley have this week to make sure we keep our home, head, and health HAPPY (not drowning in sugar).  

70. You Can‘t Move a Parked Car with Ashley & Heather

70. You Can‘t Move a Parked Car with Ashley & Heather

October 20, 2021

No progress can be made if we are not already moving!  Motivation comes with momentum and momentum implies movement!  We have to MOVE in order to see change and bringing our goals to fruition.  Join us as we talk about getting our "car out of park" so we can make our Home, Head and Health happy!!!

69. The Good Marketing Witch with Megan Winkler

69. The Good Marketing Witch with Megan Winkler

October 13, 2021

Today’s guest is guided by her authenticity to set a healthy mindset for her clients.  Megan Winkler is a Virtual CMO for soulful entrepreneurs who are building sustainable, authentic, and energetically aligned businesses. She's known as The Good Business Witch and has a podcast with the same name. Megan incorporates strategy and spirituality to create one-of-a-kind business and marketing plans for her clients through her proven Client Attraction Circles Framework. 


Today we get to talk with her about structure vs. spirituality, good vs. witch, and how to present yourself and your business to the world in an authentic way.


Follow Megan and work with her by following these links!

Website: https://www.meganwinkler.com/

Instagram: @themeganwinkler

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meganwinkler1/

68. Better Morning Time with Heather and Ashley

68. Better Morning Time with Heather and Ashley

October 6, 2021

Trends come and go, but when something is repeated time and time again, it’s time to take a look at the validity of the idea to see if it’s something worth implementing in your life and routine.  


In the book “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management,” author Kevin Kruse enumerates the 15 ways we can all create success.  Today we are going to discuss point number 14:  Routinely use mornings to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. 


Countless other books, TED talks, podcasts and business and personal coaches discuss the necessity of doing exactly this… which means it’s time to listen up and implement!  We’ll be discussing the relevance of this idea within the world of Organization and Health and Fitness.

Heather’s tool for creating a morning routine:



To purchase the book or audio format:



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